About the organisation

The Department of Computational Linguistics and Digital Humanities at Universität Trier (UT) combines digital humanities via the Trier Center of Digital Humanities with machine learning for natural language understanding within the Knowledge Representation Learning (krAil) research group. The group, headed by Prof. Achim Rettinger, brings in years of experience on machine learning with graphs and text, applied to media analysis. We will build on previous EU projects like xLime and XLike that produced cross-lingual cross-modal media processing and content analysis pipelines. UT is in charge of the machine learning of TWONs.



The Team

Achim Rettinger; Computer Science, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Knowledge Representation. I will be mostly working on tasks in WP3, which is the Neural Architecture design and machine learning of TWONs. I will also keep track of the progress in WP2, WP3 and WP4

Simon Münker; I am a researcher specializing in Language Models and prompt engineering. My background focused on traditional computational linguistics and efficient implementations of machine learning pipelines. During TWON, I will implement and optimize neural network-based simulations of social networks to replicate real-world dynamics utilizing transformer and graph-based architectures.