About the organisation

The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology is Germany’s only excellence university with a national large-scale research sector, and as such is uniquely positioned to assist the TWON consortium in modeling and designing the digital twin. Based on existing models of opinion dynamics, KIT will lead the consortial partners in tailoring models to the context of online social networks and develop verifiable parametrizations for critical assumptions about human behavior and platform design. Furthermore, the KIT team spearheaded by Dr. Michael Mäs will analyze the general twin as well as the calibrated version thereof and identify those model assumptions about human behavior and platform design that have a critical impact on predictions about undesired effects. Finally, the KIT team will assist in identifying and monitoring ethical and legal aspects of the TWON research project.

The team

Prof. Dr. Michael Mäs is leading KIT’s efforts in making TWON work. Specifically, he will use his expertise in computational modeling of complex human systems in proposing the base structure the digital twin will be built upon. You can find more information on Dr. Mäs and his work on his website.